How will I love myself today?

This is the question I kept asking myself periodically though out the day. I slept in and was mindful about what I was eating today. I took some time to stretch and have some tea. Yesterday I found my jacket that I love because it reminds me of a boxer’s robe. I love to wear it and tonight despite the rain I went out to my boxing class I haven’t been in months and it was nice that the guys there remembered me and encouraged me. It’s nice to hear. I challenged myself working hard but not too hard I took breaks as its my 1st time back in a while. The more I challenge myself the more it will get easier. On my walk home I read an audiobook on meditation called “the refuge” by tara bratch it’s interesting I find myself identifying with what the author talks about. It’s about seeing what is there its more of a discovery and a being with. It’s an undoing seeing how habits, reactions, emotions dissolve and I can see what is really there beyond the protective layers. She talked about a practice called RAIN which stands for

  • R   Recognize what is happening
  • A  Allow life to be just as it is
  • I   Investigate inner experience with kindness
  • N  Non-Identification

This can help sooth diffiult emotions.

As a reward after boxing I came home to rest and watch “orange is the new black”

I was able to assert myself and negotiate a more reasonable deal with my internet provider.

Love is unconditional. So there will be things that I may not like but I can accept it work with it.

There is not fear. It is said that love is the opposite of fear. That is to say I can make choices that are basis on fear on lack or love and abundance.

So the question I can ask myself when faced with decisions are what would a person that loved themselves do?

To trust that it will be, to have confidence to make the wise choice. There are far to many needless worries I do not need to participate in so I wont.

Oh this is exciting I feel like I am making boundaries with myself.

The world is interconnected we move in relationship. What does it mean to relate to share some thing in common and to move relationships are dynamic. One action affects another.

Now to meditate and go to bed.


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