Doing follows being and being follows attention

How do you go from conflict to love?

A shift in awareness

What is happening

experience changes constantly

self love starts when we stop ourselves from criticism

imagine what you wish to become

embody the is-ness it is

love is already here and now the more we relax we can listen

I took some time today to go to yoga and swing dance. In the morning I took time to stretch in bed. I love dancing its light, the songs are goofy and make me laugh, I can be silly and just have some fun and be playful with others. In yoga I noticed how busy my mind was. It feels nice to release the tensions in the body. I go about my day and I don’t always notice that i am tense. Its important to have fun and laugh everyday. I ordered some dvd’s from the library so I will have some comedies to watch instead of paying a subcription to netflix I have lot’s to catch up just at the library.

I have been thinking about the concept of marrying myself.

Well I have been thinking more about going on a honey moon that is travel alone seems cool like that whole eat pray love thing solidify the commitment to myself.

I can create vows.


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