Making time

I am moving and I was feeling pressured to be a workaholic about it and I could feel the tension in my body rising. So I decided to set some parameters like schedule time in my day to exercise then work. That way my body gets attention and my mind gets attention. It is what it is I will do what I can and that’s that. What I do not get done today I will do tomorrow and what I don’t get done tomorrow I will do the next day. I am grateful I have people to help me.

I am glad the yoga membership includes a towel. It’s a nice perk. So if I calculated it it comes to 3$ a day. Plus I will get some free classes with the perkville points too just by signing up online. It’s way cheaper to do 3 dollars a day then 17 per class. When I say Yes to something it means I need to say no to what comes in the way.

The feeling of calm and comfortable in my body makes the days much more rewarding. Slowing down learning to relax into the present moment leaves me lots of space to enjoy it. I can build emotional confidence, mental focus and physical strength. I can share my journey with others who bring there own energy to it. It is a place where I can confront what is coming up for me. To face what I have been avoiding.

The reason we don’t set boundaries we don’t want to face what we have been avoiding.

Comforting the child inside me that wants to run and tuning into the adult in me that can make decisions and choose the higher path.

I like what this guy has to say I’d like to watch a few more of this videos later on. He helps me to understand how to hold my own. It is good to reflect on ideas.

I have said to myself I want to help people. Well I am people too. I need space to grow and develop to be. There is a narrative out there about sacrificing the self for other. It never really seemed right to me. Sure I can give of myself but I first need to exist otherwise its like a husk. I have spend a lot of time rejecting the idea of the self sacrificing nice girl that I am not like that. But what I am I then? As much as I dislike that archetype I have played it out in my life. I can make myself the center create something from there. Instead of trying to help people who didn’t really ask for my help.

People who contribute most in the world are truly joyful.


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