I love my new apartment it’s just so beautiful.It seems every time i come it I love it more and more. I notice the little things like I have more space then I thought, that is close to the door and quiet and has a digital stove so it much more precise. that there are hooks and nailn the walls so I was ready to hang stuff up. That I move in and set up all in a day pretty much. I was able to give some things away to a friend who helped me. That I know a guy in the building already that its month to month. But mostly the sense I get that this is my own space. I am independent.  I get the sense of quiet peace a nice refuge to come home too. I get to decide how I want it just for me.

I moved in yesterday and I am so grateful to have had help. My mom got me new pillows and sheets and its just so soft.  Today I was tired so I went home for lunch and just rested. I managed to go to yoga both today and yesterday. I decided to sleep instead of write yesterday. Workaholism is not self love I mean I can be very driven and motivated to do things and ge it all done at once. I do not need to run myself ragged and run around forgetting I have a body.

I went out to a trivia night and then just curled up to watch a dvd I got from the library. It was nice to chat a bit I find it nice to get to know new people in my life its like a fresh start. I got invited to a few events this weekend. What I am going for here is a sense of balance.

I was asked the other day what was my dream. A fulfilling career where I get a sense of pride and accomplishment of a job well done something I am driven to do and feel I can make a positive contribution for. That I am really giving value and it gives me energy to do so. I like the sense of uniqueness like I am indispensable because I provide something only I can offer.


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