The truth will set me free

The truth is freeing. I allowed space for my feelings and took action. I have felt this way for a long time and somehow minimized it I was not being truthful with myself I was making choices based on fear. I can make decisions out of love, choices that reflect that I am considerate of my own wants and desires not just the ones of others or what I am expected to do in the roel I am playing. I can assert myself show my real self naked vulnerable and its ok I do not need to control by trying to be cool, make a good impression. The truth is I can stand on my own. I am basically good. I can let go of what is not serving me. I do not need to hang on to people like I need to have them in my life people are optional we are there because we want to be there not because we need to. I can make new friends. I am open minded I expect the best. I can choose a compassionate response. I can relax and trust it will go well. I can listen and offer ideas I can hold space for others and share myself too. I do not need others to define me like have a couple identity or a gender identity or group identity whatever.  I can define myself. I set the standards.

The good days are easy it’s the bad days are the test. Where I can really see my determination in action where I can be creative an set an intention find what is good what are my strengths.

I will challenge myself this month to go to bed earlier. So I can feel calm and rested in the mornings. And to face what comes my way.


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