Noticing when it goes right

I feel good today I spend many a journal entry describing how I feel bad and trying to figure out why that is. Today I feel good and I am thinking hey why not do the same.

Today it’s going well so far getting work done made it in on time, the database I am using behaving rather quickly what a nice surprise. I have eaten very light and healthy today.

Yesterday I spent the day with my parents buying things I needed for my apartment and setting things up and cleaning. I was assertive and productive. I got some things for free and others I was able to pay for myself. We got a lot done. I got a few invites from different people it is nice to be thought of. I was able to write before they came over.

Saturday I went out dancing it cheered me up. Someone asked me to lead and people told me it looks pretty good. Funny since I didn’t know what I was doing technique wise. There were a lot more people then I expected. I am happy we did a birthday circle for people and I was able to include people in it and to make some connections. I was feeling down and had low energy so I didn’t go to the rowing event i was looking forward too. I did however made it to yoga I didn’t want to miss 2 days in a row. I looked up my myers-briggs type. I like the quest I find that is true about me that I do give it all I got when it comes down it and I feel in tune and for a great cause of purpose. I do very much feel compelled to be authentic to seek the truth. I have been told by a few people that I have inspired them. It like to hear compliments. I was told earlier this week by a couple people saying that I am funny and popular. I was encouraged saying that I am growing.

I got some feedback about my blog. I was told I am thoughtful, intelligent, wise, creative, and artistic person after she read it. I am allowing that to sink it. It is so lovely to hear that she was very impressed.

On Friday I was proud of myself for putting myself out there. I was vulnerable and was able to oh I just wanted to spend time with you. I got picked up was treated to a nice walk and a drink. The weather was warm and windy it was good to just have a laugh, relax and be genuine sharing my realizations and listening to his. I got some visit earlier that day from an old friend nice to see her and share a few stories good energy. Hopefully we can keep the plans we made.

On Thursday I tried a kundalini yoga for the 1st time it was slow pace kind of like yin yoga. I got invited to play chess again I won this time. We had fun and it was nice to just be light and playful after a busy week of work and to have someone take interest in me asking me questions. I found a trivia night in a few weeks and sent off the invites to the team I played with this winter.

Wednesday I had the day off went to see the fireworks the yoga studio was open to I was able to practice. They say its when you don’t feel like exercising is when you need it the most so I went. I spend time alone watching a show I like and making the coaster I said I would. I also watched a video on self esteem, cooked and did some things I was procrastinating on. I wanted to face it. I encouraged myself when i was having sad thoughts telling myself it was going to be ok looking for what is going well and finding what to look forward too as well. Saying I can do well on my own. I do not need the protection I thought I did before. I do not have to settle for something I don’t feel is right or make due with what is the best I could find so far. I can set myself free from beliefs that were not helpful.

Tuesday I went out to a party I was invited to spontaneously. I thought well why not I have the day off. I had a great time I got to dance and met someone new who I share similar interest with. He thought me about dance history. It was nice because I was open. i wasn’t telling myself oh it will be the same old thing. I went out to have fun and that is what happened.

So looking back on the accumulation of positive things feels good. I was told this week “I really admire the effort you are putting into loving yourself—your beautiful, kind, intelligent, and generous Self.  You have so many talents to share with others.”

I was challenged to think about contribution to others and how it can raise my self esteem. As we give to others we begin to feel more valuable, which, in turn, lifts our spirits and raises our own self-esteem. I like to be helpful to be able to act and do something productive to make a positive contribution.

Today at work I am finding myself engaging with people being mindful to meet their needs.

Oh and so I just won a 2 month yoga membership by sharing a picture on facebook whoo hoo. I am excited to find out the details.


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