I don’t have it all figured out its ok this is what I have now

what i did to love myself yesterday asked for a couple days off work, rested when i felt tired, went out to play board games with friends and booked a massage.

today I booked a pedicure, meditated. stopped watching a show I wasnt really into. Found some recipes on healthy cooking. Took time to write and went to go get my bike tuned up so it rides smoother.

today at yoga the theme was listen to your intution let your body land stop trying to constantly fix it. just do it. let it be what it is. yoga is about showing up, its a practice not perfection. Let go of what is no longer serving you let it all go the important things will come back. My excess weight is no longer serving me. My limiting beliefs and pessimistic thoughts are no longer seriving me.

I have been complimenting people more lately looking for ways I can add value.

Over the past few years I have learned how useful it i to slow down instead of react. The show I stopped watching today had characters who reminded me of my younger self reacting harshly to things. I want and I choose life.


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