Creating space to come home

I tidied up getting rid of things. I like the sense of possibility and calm that an ordered space gives me. Hotels have this feel to them a there is lots of empty space nature too is like this. The feeling of comfort of safety of home.  Letting go of what I thought I needed is like a new found courage like hey I am ok without this protection. I can create a functional environment surrounding myself with things I love and that make sense given what I want to do.

Went swimming with a friend had headed to the market where I tried some food from Shri Lanka. I cooked and made a new recipe. I learned to cook a vegan meal with a friend the other day and I was told I am a pretty good cook. I’d like to have some people over for supper soon. I searched around for some furniture so guests would have a place to sit.

I could also host a day trip to swim at a waterfall I chatted about with a few people who seemed interested and encouraged me to o so.

I sat with my feelings and just make space for that as well. Today I visited a friend’s house that is staged and it certaintly feels like that sure it’s clean and there is lots of empty space but there isn’t space for people currently in it it seems it does not looked lived in or that sense of home it seems so artificial, empty, lifeless on display instead of being there to be a warm welcoming place to come home too, repetitive to the diversity of the human experience.

Creating a space and the experience of  nourish the soul. I find myself wanting to make a comparison here to how women put on make up to cover up. How the natural at home look is much more pleasant. How nowadays women here are letting there armpit hair grow. To feel at home in my body I can keep it clean, add some functional decorative touches make sure I do the up keep to have it running smoothly. To create that sense of ease and relaxation to be open to the possibilities and to assert what I like and to take up space. My function is to feel connected and to share experiences. A balance of taking in and giving back its a relationship and for that I need to take time to ask myself and to listen and get the sense of what is needed to feel like home.


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