about me

I love my willingness to experience life

I like to try new things and participate I enjoy getting immersed in an activity to see how ti feels. I feel that that is a big part of life. To get out there and live it. You could say I am an active person looking for things to do.

I have a strong desire to learn. I am curious and I am rarely bored. I enjoy learning about other people and about myself. I enjoy deep conversations. I like to find what is unique to discover what is not talked about to share it as an authentic moment of intimacy.

I am adventurous and courageous more then cautious I like that about myself. I am not so concerned about what others think of me. So I can take risks like speak my mind and get up on stage to make a fool of myself. I am ok with mistakes in myself and others. I can say things that are hard too say when it is important. I like to play with words. I can accept compliments and help from others. I can dance and improvise. When I am in the mood I enjoy cooking. I enjoy presenting, writing, reflecting.

I am more collaborative than competitve. I am somewhat pansexual I can see something I like in most people and I find certain qualities very attractive in others.

I am debt free, practical with money I like to have savings. I am not too attatched to material posesions. I like my things organised and in use. I like to read and to explore ideas in discussions with others.

I love encouragement it touches my heart when others see the good in me and tell me what they appreciate about me. I enjoy movement whether it’s exercise or travel. I like growth there is always something to learn even it is learning to sit still and relax.

I am tall and curvy I can be poetic and funny. I like my long legs. I like my capacity to forgive. I can be informal and classy to me as long as people are comfortable

I am understanding I look for a deeper mean behind things. I know how it looks is not necessarily how it is.

I like that I look for ways to be loving and respectful. I want to treat the people I value well.

I like that I spend time being alone to feel my feelings to listen to myself that I take time cultivating gratitude challenging myself to find what went right today and the next.

I enjoy my persistance is getting something done when it matters most. I am fairly resourseful and look for lots of options and alternatives so we can find the optimal soulion. I like to negotiate and find a win win.

I have youthful spirt looking for ways to be playful and laugh with people. I respect that I have an open mind that I can associate with people other people may find embarrassing. I like to help others feel welcomed and included I love people.

I like to do research and interview people on a topic. I like to sleep and just meditate. I enjoy the weeeeeeeeeeeeee feeling when I ride my trike. I enjoy the viseral release of energy I get in boxing it feels rewarding to work hard and see how much stamina I have on a given day. I like sharing activities with others and help them explore new things too that they may not other wise do. I enjoy motivating others to do positive things.

I put some effort into doing things that are healthy like eating veggies, reducing junk food sugar to a minimum, exercising and doing fun things, relaxing things ect.

I enjoy that I can still surprise myself on how I change and grow. I like to take time to reflect and update if you will who I am. Over the past few years I spent time with new people and I believe I have been influenced by them and by result my thoughts have been more rational and I have an appreciation for critical thinking. I still have this passionate side of course I feel like I am a bit more balanced now. Part of getting also pausing some more responding less reacting in haste where an outsider view and can see things from another angle and stop and think hmm is this really good for me? I can see others more clearly too. I have also been taking some assertiveness classes and reading books that have help me and I am seeing now that I am more comfortable asking people what I nee and telling people my preferences and its like a challenge I give myself to face confrontation now an oppertunity to do an act of self love that is how I view. I am putting more focus on personal responsibility and I can catch myself now when I am thinking like a victim I can make new choices to turn my thinking around.

I can start from now. Make choices that will produce the most good.

I read this week that
“when I am listening to others that I am really listening to myself”

This weekend I went to a concert and I notice that inbetween the song the comedian/artist had a compilation of his work on display. It was kind of like he saved every mention of his name/work mentioned in the media or rather referenced by other shows/celeberties. A collection of all the little cameo appearances. A temple of awesome I guess. People seem to respect him for it. To applaude his efforts.

I have been asking people well mostly men what respect means to them how it looks like it has been interesting listening to their responses and it has been fun. There is a lot of variability but a few common themes of listening, affraying pointing out good points and apprecation/recognition of them. There is more I could compile and lay it all out to see.

I am happy to learn today that I there will be an oppertunity to try rowing in a few weeks. I missed the last session and that thought that I would have to wait a year before I could try it.

Energy is what I was wanting today at work. I can raise my energy. This shifts how others reacts to me and how I feel.


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