more about me where I am at

More about me I am more then just accomplishments and experiences I am simply human. I am my feelings. I have them they are part of me something I experience in a dynamic way coming and going. My thoughts are coming and going I do not feel as attatchted to them I am not my thoughts. I have a body in some ways I am my body I can choose. What I identify with. What makes the most sense to say is I am free, I am full of possibilities I can create. I can manifest. I can. I am capable.

I have been home the past couple of days resting a sore ankle. I was able to have some people over to visit. I had a chance to slow down and relax sometimes my life can get hectic. I noticed how quiet it is. How I wanted to distracted myself with doing things busy myself so to speak. I don’t have to be doing something. I have inate worth just by being human. My feelings are real they are just fleeting. My existance as a human is fleeting too so it makes sense to look for ways to enjoy my time while I am here. And enjoy who I am as well. Today I have been watching a few videos on self love. It’s a step in the direction I want to be in. I recognize that my energy vibration is low recognising where I am at today. I have been telling myself to write more about me and this is what I could come up with so far given the state of mind I am in now. Sometimes I want to get away from myself from the world and just put my life on hold. And I think my life is so short why would I want to do that? I don’t feel like meditation is putting my life on hold but watching tv and mindless eating is.

Sometimes I think I am greedy for experience I try to cram a bunch of things to do at one trying to do it all not wanting to miss out. But it can be too much I like the experience of space of enjoying something without feeling rushed or I want to be elsewhere. Break down the resistance of the present moment.


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