Slow and savory summer days

I took myself out on a romantic date haha I went out for a bike ride it felt so good to feel the wind on my skin on a hot day. To see the beautiful water and trees like a little oasis. It was quiet and peaceful had the place mostly to myself. My ankle stays into place so its good exercise. I went past where I have been as a friend told me that the trail goes on so I decided to investigate. It was so nice I decided to go the next day and went out even further it was a lovely scenery. I could go even further next time lots to explore.  I love biking that feeling of weeeeeeeeeeeeee haha most of the people I encounter say wow cool bike I love your bike. I took some pictures I felt like a tourist.

I love to travel to a new place and that is what I did. I would love to do it again soon enough.

I went to yoga and watched a show and started doing 20 minute meditation sessions the past few days. I went out swimming with some friends and to a restaurant.

I read and took it easy. I listened to my body and really slept in.

I stopped by to dance just a couple dances. My foot is a little agitated now.  After the swimming yoga and dance.

I am going to enjoy a nice shower. I clean up here and there so its not so overwhelming to do it all at once now.

Glad I was able to do my dishes before I left for the beach.

I wore my big beach hat today and the other day I like it I feel good about it especially since it provied extra shade for someone who is light sensitive like me

I noticed today its about how I feel more about how I look.

I challenged myself to go to the end of the lake it felt good to do so. Even though the others didn’t join me. I didn’t mind I was thinking well this is going to make me feel good so I did it.

I am enjoying some snap peas and cold drink nice alternative then ice cream. It does me just fine. I am satisfied with that. I had a wholesome soup this morning and I like to eat veggies like protein

peanut butter celery time

Image result for peanutbutter jelly time

Hmm it’s like I am living the retreat life the pace I am going this weekend.

On Friday I had a busy day but just decompressed afterwards sitting with my emotions and letting them flow through me is so cathartic. The energy has to go somewhere so its only natural to want a release to want an outlet. Exercise, writing about feelings, yoga, meditation can channel them.

As I was feeling I realized I can tell people what I appreciate about them just let them know what I like. It is loving for them. I learned this weekend how nature does give me energy and how surrounding myself with what is calm and peaceful is invigorating. I like it feeling like a jungle woman in the amazon haha.


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