The future

I have been mostly thinking about self love as being something I do to feel better in the moment but it is also about the future. When you love someone you in-vision being with them in the future and self love is no different. So doing tasks like keeping the house clean making meals planning might not always be feel good tasks but they do feel good in the future like I was think of me.

When you love someone you want to be present with them to be clean and feeling good to share positive energy to have fun to connect and be there for them listen with care.

So it’s no different to the self I mean how many times have i have thought oh there is no one to impress its just me

its not about impressing to just feels good to be present. i mean i would not want to go on a date with someone who is distrated, tried, not really meeting my needs or paying attention to me. So I shall not treat myself that way either. I can step it up on dates with myself.

I have space to exist on my dates it’s not just trying to please or impress another. There is room for me now a 3 dimensional person with needs feelings and desires. Not some 1 dimensional character of a “fun date” or some to just be a mirror to keep someone distracted. I do not exist soly for others. I exist for myself and I can share that withe others I can meet my needs and theirs.

When I am alone it doesn’t always have to be productive trying to catch up with life I can just be there for myself. I donothave to force myself awake and work. I would not want to keep another up all night when they are tired and feeling worn out the loving thing to do is let them rest and we can resume another time. I do not have to crame everything in one encounter like its the last one I can pace myself.

I want to embody the qualities I want in others in myself I can experience them.

I can move forward life goes on I can free myself from attachments of associations they just crowd out my voice.

This song talks about how our habitual thoughts crowds out our voices. Drop the old song its been played out. Write your own song start the song now. Instead of listening to the old refrain in our heads that just repeats and prevents a new experience.

I have a voice a contribution of my own. I can be the star of my own movie I can be the director of my experience. Don’t forget to be awesome.


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