Center as a vantage point

Coming from a centered place meaning that I am rooted certain that I am looking out for me. My concern is inward I have my own orbit my own gravitational pull. I have strength power I have self reliance I can count on myself I do not need to get power from others I have my own. I have goals and dreams for myself and they are going to get done by me make time for them and putting them as a priority.

I can see from that centered vantage point if others are adding value to me or not. When I mind my own business I am more concerned with the job I want to do then trying to interfere with others. Assertive people will ask for my help so I will wait until I am asked as I want to deal with assertive people. Of course I can offer help when I see a need but I still want some consent. Yesterday I offered to help but it was refused and that is ok. It is a good lesson to learn. In the past I would have started making the arrangements only to find out it would have been all for nothing as it was already taken care of.

I do not like it when people mettle in my affairs because sometimes it messes things up.

Why look for others contribution when I can make my own?

The world needs more vibrant and happy people as they are more likely to make a much greater contribution. So my task is to be vibrant and healthy.

No one is going to make my art for me

I remember making this drawing in class out of no-where I mean I did not try to copy another image I just felt like drawing and poof I started and poof there it was. It had fun doing it and felt surprised and satisfied. Now it just reminds me of pampering and self care. I am happy with it as it is my own. The joys of expressing in my own voice. I love this blog. In two days it will be a 2 month blogersary. haha

I have seen this a long time ago and I still find it funny. Motivation is a way that I give myself enregy. I listened to Less Brown this morning as I was feeling down. I am feeling better. Mindset shift are quite helpful.

When I recognize the greatness in myself I can recognise the greatness in others in a more honest way. There is lots to think about here I will give it a re-read and reflect on it.


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