Shine Bright like a diamond

If you do something, do it right and that includes me

To respect myself is to recognize my value and act on it develop it make the most of it, nurture it and let it thrive and grow. I had a friend who passed away recently who saw the greatness in herself and others, and others saw the greatness in her she had that star power. Her energy lives on.

I will love and take care of myself so you don’t have too. I will be my own friend and do nice things for me so you don’t have too. I like it when people want to do things for me not because they feel they need too but because they want too. I give to myself 1st I take responsibility to meet my own needs. One of my needs is to get my thinking right to create energy to motivate myself to take action.

My improv coach used to say “Il faut se primer avant la game” this applies to life as well. In the moring get up and get ready and put your game face on. When I did improv before a show we would boost ourselves up building energy enthusiasm is contageous. The energy had to go somewhere to be channeled funneled in the way to the excitement to spread.

I dream, think big, create the opportunity, I train mind so I have an and empowering and growth mindset.

Shine bright like a diamond


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