I am valuable accept that

How would the person I’d like to be would to the things I am about to do

Cultivating an accurate mindset a winners mindset is one where I take winning actions and persevere. Great people are made by the actions they take.

I write my blog posts with the voice of my higher self. I do not always feel or think in that positive mindset. What you think about you bring about so I thought the more I write in an optimistic voice the more often I will be optimistic. I am a pessimist turned optimist. I have come a long way in my thinking and I am still going up. In yoga class they talk about the higher self too and they say bring yourself up to your highest point of today. I am enlarging the vision of myself. I am made for great things. I will do and I am doing great things.

Earlier this week I said I need goal something to motivate me so now I am stepping up and I am listening to videos on mindset. I can change a lot of external things and I have been the internal is what is going to make it happen.

I was challenged this week someone pointed out my negative attitude towards learning something new, that i was coming up for excuses as to why I wasn’t doing it right and I didn’t particularly care that I was doing it right and was feeling inferior when I do not need to be. The delivery of the message was harsh but I can search for the good in it. I can respect others even I do not feel respected by them, I can respect them because I am a respectful person. It takes humility to be resepctful to see value in everyone even if you have look deep at times.

“Modesty isn’t about hiding ourselves. It’s about revealing our dignity.”

I felt bad I do not need to let others define me he made not have been but my perception was that he was giving me a hard time (and he was at the moment and there are some things like encouragement which I would have appreciated a lot more). Ultimately I choose the meaning in the situation. I take my hardships and turn it into success. Like a local motivational speaker I know says make it a great day.

Changes will come life will throw curve balls face it. I used to worry about it complain avoid it instead of taking on the challenge and saying ok I can do this what steps will I take to manage this problem. 1st change the problem into a challenge that is I need to believe that I am capable to do this and that is true.

I am capable of facing a challenge. I will yield a better result if I do that try to ignore or work around the problem pretending like it does not matter. I have the strength to learn something that is uncomfortable. I am have will to see it through. Failing is a per-requisit of successful learning.

Not everyone is going to like me and that is ok. I had this belief that when I was younger that I could win people over. I thought well I can find something I like about most people although I must admit some people are more likable then others not because they are not worthy of liked but because we have different values and preferences and that can create a conflict not really with the person but with the actions they take might impede the actions I am taking. I believe everyone should be loved. It is not physically possible for me to love everyone in the world given the amount of people and limited time. I can be kind and respectful to strangers and acquaintances. I can help if I am compelled to but I do not need to force or convince myself to help or go out of my way to befriend someone. I had this belief that if I and a good connection with someone that I could be friends with them always as there is a way to rebuild the connection. I realise my believe is more nuanced now yes I can rebuild a connection if I and the other want too. A connection is not a contract it’s opting in now. Things change and sometimes you keep opting in.

I want to leave the world and people better then I found it there are some things I cannot control, some things that are not so efficient to do so. Quality over quantity is a good rule. I treat the people I hold dear the best. People come and go and I can still be loyal as long as it works and we both want it. I can come back to myself the same way sometimes I will feel disconnected and I can choose to come back to myself to choose me to love me. I can choose to make that commitment to do it to the best of my ability, to put both feet in and try not just try but do and do it lovingly to trust in the procress that the more I invest the more it will grow and get better. I do not have to stay stuck, I can move forward, when there is something I do not like I can re-evaluate and make the changes. I used to wait it out to see what will happen. I feel strong when I am active when I make my own decisions. When I look at all the evidence I can find at the time and apply my own best judgement and think for myself.

My emotions are really a like red flags to pause and re-evaluate how I have been going about things. Some decisions are made on auto-pilot and in a moment of clarity I can change course slight course corrections are made.



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