Energy of goals

Transformation is a result of repeated challenges and that starts with having the courage to show up and the persistence to push yourself a bit further. First you must fight off the doubt and lies you tell yourself and just do what empowers you.

Last night I went boxing I could have gone out and meet new people for coffee but I was feeling inspired to go to boxing to make a commmitment to go 3 days a week for 3 month and pay up all in advance so it would give me more incedentive to go. It will give me more incenditve to not talk myself out of it and feel like I am missing out on social stuff.
The place was packed I got in the ring to practice for the first time it felt very magical and cool to be in there to see how it feels. The ropes are hard and the bag in the corner is soft and a strong place to rest. A few guys encouraged me saying that’s it, good job, go get em girl.
I started reading innner fitness again. The book talks about an I choose life instead of an I should life about taking charge and making things happen about listening to the little belles that ring inside the inner authentic inner desires and wants. Living authentically is the most productive and self respecting thing to do.
I was feeling a lot of momentum about being a new month and I want to make a change. I will start lifting weights on the days I don’t go boxing. I will go boxing 3 days a week. And I will refrain from eating dairy this month. Last december while I was on vacation I decided for this year I have been wanting to start a 30 day challenge each month of the year.
I like the energy a goal gives me.
Yesterday’s post made me realize about facing reality to get my head out of the sand and stop ignoring things or putting them on hold or just wishing things where different.
So I weighed myself last night and again this morning hahah litterly lost a pound overnight hahah. I guess it does make a difference the time of day. I can work with what I have now. To make things better they need to be faced and acknowledged in order to make progress.
I went to bed earlier 11h20pm so I felt good about getting some sleep like I said I would. I am excited next month a new shambhala course called Joy in Everyday Life is starting. I took the first two and loved it so I am looking forward to this one. It does conflict with the boxing goal I just set.
I can however lift weights 3 times a week.

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