In the end only kindnest matters

I appreciated compassionate and kind people who are full of love. In order to increase the chances I will meet more them I can become what I want to attract in my life.

The opposite of being harsh is gentleness. In yoga class yesterday I was trying to keep up forcing myself trying to get it right like the others instead of listening to my own body and just going at it 80%.

So to deal with yesterday conflict of my boxing goal and my shamabhala course. They are both important to me and I can do both. I am re-adjusting my goal. I do not have to be so harsh with it can I allow myself some give. It seems to have worked with yoga. When I first decided to do a 30 day yoga challengeĀ  I signed up knowing that I would miss a few days. And I thought well I can do 80% of it and it was a good way to start and it was better then not doing it at all. I did not want to wait I just wanted to get started and do the best I can.

And I have been doing yoga fairly regulary ever since. So I can let go of waiting for the perfect moment. Just start now from where I am and go for it and then adjust accordingly.

Perfectly imperfect.

Well I did some math it would cost still less money to pay boxing up front for 3 months it would average out to 3$ a class roughly. So it would be still benifical to do. It is just for 1 month out of 3 where I would be doing 2 classes instead of 3. Sure it would be optimal if I would do all of the classes and get the most of out it coming to 2.5 a class. As I learned in one of the books I was reading there isn’t much benefit to being a maximizer.

here is a painting from my younger cousin made hahah I admire her confidence

I started re-reading this book. The first book I read about shambhala I am getting a lot out of it a 2nd time new insights. I love that. I found the same thing when reading the inner fitness book a 2nd time around as well. I remember a professor saying it is good practice to re-read books that’s when you know they are very valuable. Shambhala is about getting a clear mind and open heart to get to enjoy and be real to experience the present moment now not wantting to be elsewhere.


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