Taking Action to build momentum

On Thursday I got a flat tire on my way to boxing. I went down to get my bike fixed and made arrangements to pick it up Saturday.  I saw my friend was doing a cycling event in town and I felt inspired to go I got very excited about it. Thinking about all the reason for doing it I felt so compelled. I started making arrangements like seeing if they would allow me to ride on a trike instead of a bike, if the course was flat, how long it was and filling out the forms and checking out the rout. I had a few other things to do that day so I put the project on pause. And today I was trying to feel the energy I had for it yesterday so I started taking action where I had left off and I build some momentum. So now I am all signed up and I even got a practice run in today too. I feel confident about my decision. They seem very open and accommodating so far. Hopefully just by me participating others will join in as well after seeing I did it.

I look back fondly on this picture from last year where I did my first group ride – it was fun. I felt more confident after challenging myself. Now it’s an even bigger challenge and who knows where this will lead. Hopefully I will be able to raise funds for my friends surgery, raise awareness for inclusive recreation, raise visibility for my uncle’s bike shop and show my appreciation for the gift he has given me.

I think how I will be able to look fondly on this years event too. Life is more rewarding when I am able to fully participate in it.



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