Cultivating Robust Positive Attitude

I started reading a book the other day on positive thinking. I have decided that it makes sense to cultivate a positive mental attitude. That is a goal I have. I watched this the other day.

Now I will take some notes.

Accept present moment

Nothing could be different then the way it is right now. The future could be different but right now it is what it is. Accept who the moment is and the tension will melt away being relaxed and happy.

Worry is useless anxiety is in the way of positive thinking. Worry happends on a microlevel. Resistance is useless it’s useless to resit it. They talk about this in meditation

the worry is not helping you

Cheerfulness is the best strategy is the best way to solve problems in life

proper stratagy is correct regardless of out come like poker

To be a positve thinker you are not attatched to the outcome you will be ok no matter what. If it happens great if it doesn’t good.

Like cool hand luke no one will take away my smile no one can crush my spirit

I decide to take a happy view


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