A new season



The summer is now behind me.

Dancing in the fall

Yesterday I felt a release of tension while I was doing yoga after work. A kind of surrender where I relax. I did this last night as I let go of some feelings and I have been holding on too as well.

I have being noticing how resisting and holding on fighting is not helping me. Life seems to short to fight. It is easier to go with the flow and say it is what it is. I remember when I was taking a mediation course contenment in everyday life it talked about how pain is caused by what we resist its like we are always try to be elsewhere instead of just surrendering to the moment.

I have been feeling like I need more time to myself to slow down become more introverted to rest and relax. I don’t like running around as much now. I signed up for a Netflix trail the other day kind of like a date with myself to just curl up and watch a bit.

I doubt anyone has ever said they regret not watching enough tv before they die haha but it is just a little comfort I am allowing to myself. I do not have to be productive all the time. It’s ok to just say it’s enough that I like it and that’s that.

“Seasons change and so did I you need not wonder why”

How was my summer? I tried caporea last week it was a fun game I am glad I went out and tried it. Preparing for the fall I bought myself some tea it will come in the mail soon. I asked about art classes and discovered I have a few options.

Fall is when the leaves drop and halloween parties start thinking about the masks we wear. I am interested in intimacy.



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