Love your friend as yourself

Love your friend as yourself so basically empathy

To reach the sensation of the other to innerwardly care for the need of the other as your own idenity. I was watching the series of lectures yesterday basically saying that we are all connected we have this illussion that we are sperate from each other but we are all one piece of a greater whole moving together.

One of my friends displays this quality rather nicely I was fortunate enough to spend time with her this week we went to a relaxing yin yoga class and yesterday we went biking to challenge ourselves and to raise money for a friend of our medical travel expenses.

I did 17km on my bike yesterday in roughly an 1hr and 45mins so ya I go about 10 km an hour haha. I feel confident that I could do the 25 km course next year. I was glad the to have a sighted guide (bike for breath’s suggestion) it was helpful as I lost the group early on as they bike at a much faster rate then me and she was able to tell me where to turn and to let me know if there is traffic and read the signs and well just encourage me and keep me company. It was a nice feeling reaching the half way point like yay I made it and at the end to cross the finish line with people cheering and they have me a ribbon. It’s a little thing but it’s nice feels real. Part of the experience. It felt great to rest after the race was done. Bike for Breath hosted a dinner where I chat with a few friends of mine who participated that day. I am happy for my friends who participated in a 60 and 200km races they did great. It is energizing to be around people who take on challenges for themselves.


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