I exist in the ethearal possibilites

We are all in the same boat. We all are living creatures who share impermanence. It makes us happy to see others happy and when we are happy. We do not want to suffer unnecessarily.

I went to the joy in every day life. I am grateful that the program is still on. It almost got cancelled. I am happy I have a drive there with the instructor it is fun to chat in the car about things.

He spoke about how a gong makes this ethereal sound that is resonates in the human heart a strong vibrating giving energy. He spoke of we can also achieve this when we let go of our solidity of self.

We talked about when we feel closed off vs when we feel open and joyful. For me it was about feeling free to express myself as I like not feeling obligated to do things a certain way or act a certain way that my way is ok. That I am visible. When i am making art sharing a laugh. When I implement or see ideas helpful ideas being implemented. When I am alone I feel free to be myself and when I am able to do that with other people it is a great feeling too.

When we are happy we want to share. We do not want to be trapped in a role or feel stuck in a pattern that isn’t working.

The solidity comes in sticking to the self the ego that wants to be right. When it denies other ways of being. When I am less solid I am more free to act in what ever the situation calls for despite precedent and roles we are used to enacting.

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I can let go of the solid idea of feeling invisible left out misunderstood that there is no point in contributing when I feel shut down. Let go of the idea that others are making me feel this way when I see certain signs and signals I interpret things that way and I can choose to do it another way.

It was interesting how death and grief really makes me feel alive I think about the show 6 feet under and how I feel when I am with people who are grieving it seems to be ease to be in that vulnerable open place where my compassion is evoked and I am in the moment and all I have to do is be. I wonder how to get back there I want to live there in that warm-hearted connected to the etheral feeling where I really have an appreciation for the time I have left and feel motivated to use it wisely on what matters. We have more that unites us that separates us. I can look for the commonalities. I like to hear the phrase you’re like me you…

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