Notes from Self Compassionte Mind Training Workshop

Self compassionate mindset

Anyone can build confidence

by lower stress and anxiety finding ways to relax

posture, yoga

essential oils as perfume, aromatic tea, flowers, incense. fragrant soap and candles are all very soothing and nourishing

only say sorry once don’t over appologize

look people in the eye greet them make conversation

asking and saying no being assertive

come up with a plan

confidence grows by taking action

doing new things


take risks

I was asked yesterday to come up with a self compassionate image this is what I thought of

3 things that undermines self confidence

shame secrets grow and feel burdensome over time  -talk about it

people pleasing perfectionism – have courage to stand out to be yourself and not care what others things do not let that control you have some self respect

self criticism -slow down and notice where you can be kind and compassionate to yourself

I am taking the day off tomorrow I need to rest.


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