The body is wise listen to the signs

I am glad I have a drive and a place to stay for an out of town dance workshop it is going to be fun. I wasn’t too sure it if was happening but it all worked out and came together.

Yesterday I listened to myself and took time to clean my apartment, and rest. I could have ignore my needs and rationalize going to the movies and telling myself I can take care of it later but that’s all bs. The thing is my schedule was full and I like coming home and it being tidy I like how it looks and I like how it feels verses coming home and I feel this stress of another several items to add to my to do list. I didn’t want to feel like my mind was devided being somewhere else thinking argh this is a waste of time when it is done I need to clean my house. I even did my homework by having someone read to me in bed it was nice. I also bought myself some essential oils and lit some candles had some tea. My body is a lived experience of my emotions it knows it’s wise I can listen.

Be here now with what you have now


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