I do my best so I can rest

Give it everything you got and you can rest knowing you did your best. I have noticed when I work hard it pays off. I see results. This week I was told by a few people that my dancing improved after going to a weekend workshop. I went to my drawing class and my teacher said I am much more advanced then the others students. I have years of experience drawing as a hobby. I followed the technique he showed me of drawing upside down it worked out really well. I guess the point is to turn of the part of the brain that is logical and creates symbols when your just drawing random lines it is easier to draw.

I was reminded yesterday that if I do my best then I have proven to myself that I can do it and that is what is important. I do not need approval from others because I know how hard I worked. I can do what is required to learn a skill and just by put in time I will improve that is just a fact right there.

One of the guys in my dance class started last year and now he is teaching the class. He put in a lot of time he asked everyone in the room to dance, he studied e g he worked for it and got better really fast. Zero in on what you want to acheieve and believe and make the time it will work. None of this personality business.


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