I vow to stop all criticism ok as I am now

I had a delectable yin yoga class tonight, followed by a bath where I did a henna hair treatment and facial mask. I made a nice 7 layered dinner the the slow cooker. Asserted myself at workk and felt heard and respected. I took time to rest and meditate and be in my body.

Goddess Pose

10 steps

1 Stop all criticism accept as I am choose uplifting thoughts

2 Don’t scare yourself with fear -be there for me I can relax and self sooth

3 mind is a garden nurture be gentle kind and patient with me things will change

4 let go and relax meditate focusing on my inner voice

5 praise myself tell myself how well I am doing accept good

6 humour support yourself ask for help reach out and allow others to help you

7″Love your negatives. No matter what negative situation you
are in, it’s there for a reason; otherwise you wouldn’t have it in
your life.” being angry at myself isn’t going to solve anything, i am never wrong i did what I did because I thought it was I had to do now I have more information I can choose good choices

8 take care of your body safe to feel our feelings exercise good food notice what gives good energy

9 mirror work look in the mirror and say I love you, aroma therapy, stay away from drug and stuffing myself with food be there and stay with it instead of avoiding

listen and trust yourself.

10) “Finally, love yourself now — don’t wait until you get it
right. Dissatisfaction with yourself is a habit pattern. If you can
be satisfied with yourself now, if you can love and approve of
yourself now, then when good comes into your life, you will be able
to enjoy it. Once you learn to love yourself, you can begin to love
and accept other people. We can’t change other people, so leave them

ask how can I make you happy today?

self satisfaction is a habit be willing

don’t waste energy trying to change another leave them alone

I came here to love what I will take with me when I am gone is my capacity to love

release the struggle to try to make things happen trust its being taken care of


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