Performance review

I am really building momentum on this blog. Writing more posts this month. I slept well I define this by waking up rested before my alarm rings. I figure it has to do with all the relaxing I did yesterday it helps a lot. I like that image of a calm serine person with a smile that person is me.

Today I complete my self evaluation for my performance review at work. I was calm and wrote down examples. Last year I was so worried about it but this year I just accepted it for what it is.

After work I didn’t feel like going to yoga I asked myself what would I rather be doing and my answer was eat junk food so I decided to go to yoga. I cried a bit during class. Letting go of fears. I am glad I went. I have been working away at de-stressing my life getting myself ready for my big goal I feel like I am ready I just need the goal and I don’t know what it is yet. I have faith that it will come.


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