Body was designed to move

Tonight I can take a cab from my art class to yoga as there is a class at 9h30 now yay. Tomorrow I can go to swing dance from 7-8h30 and do the same thing and go to their class at 9. On Thursday I could ask to be dropped off at yoga after meditation I might get there in time I will take my chances if I am late. I booked my classes for yoga this week. I woke up this morning and my body was sending me messages to be fitter.

I had a nice halloween I got a drive to a party on Friday and another on Saturday. I bought boxing gloves for one of my costumes and well it is something I can use again. It also serves as a physical reminder in my house. I was just saying how much I enjoy it but have not been going because of some conflicts in my schedule that will soon clear up.

I had fun dancing last night we switched roles and I did better then I thought. I was asked what I learned in the workshop and I pulled out tabby the cat move my partner thought it looked great and was like the workshop was worth it just for that ahhaha.

Well I was invited to go swimming a while back and wasn’t able to go now I can make some time. Socialize and exerice is a great combo. Hot tub would feel really nice.


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