I can do something positive each day to get closer to my goal

I thought I would look up videos in french on self love to see if there is anything new I could glean. I am reading a book called self confidence I listen to it when I am getting ready in the morning. It’s the little things that I do day by day that add up like cleaning putting things away as I go it is faster and more efficient that way then letting it pill up.

I am planning a trip to Belize this winter I am excited about that. I love traveling. I like talking about traveling with others too it opens doors to new adventure opportunities.

It is 6 weeks before Christmas before the start of winter. I am feeling a strong desire to get into shape. I am the heaviest I have been. And I do not want to get any heavier. I would like to get lighter. And for that I think I should start lifting weights, eating whole foods and doing exercises like boxing that will get my heart rate up and break into a sweat.

I like the idea of doing something consistently and tracking my progress and I can definitely do that with lifting weights.

I went out dancing yesterday it was a good time. I found myself short of breath and felt out of shape I slipped into some bad eating habits. I can begin again taking steps starting now to do it right.


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