Treat your body right

I woke up and felt like I need more sleep. I have been going to bed at midnight and wake up at 8ish so I think I can go to bed a bit earlier each night I will should for 11h30 or earlier tonight. The body needs rest to restore and grow anew. I shall give her what she requires.

I noticed that I was really hungry yesterday at like 9pm. I am having small meals through out the day and its important to have food with me and it more in the beginning and less at night and to have food with me. I will be going to bed earlier to I want to not eat a few hours before bed so no later than 8pm.

I bought myself a salt lamp I like that look to it and I read that it has some benefits it may or may not be scientifically backed but I am sure I will still enjoy it. I had done a survery and I had a thank you gift card so I had a discount plus it is fun getting stuff in the mail. Might be something my mom would like as well. a placebo effect is still effective and well there are lots of things that science could not prove in the past but are still beneficial.  So pretty, I like ambient lighting it is soothing to the eyes.

Crystal Allies Gallery: Natural Himalayan Cube Salt Lamp Ionic Air Purifier on Wood Base with Cord, Light Bulb & Authentic Crystal Allies Info Card


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