Creating a burning desire

From what I have read lately a couple people suggest self love is gained by updating. That is to say by letting go of past out of ideas ideas of who we think we are. So since ever I can remember I had this desire to lose weight. I felt I needed to I felt ashamed that is was a must. I have let a lot of the shame out of it now. I think I am attractive at my size.

I remember I excited I was to go workout to listen to music to have alone time to recharge to get that runners high to feel accomplished like I was crossing an imporatnt thing off my to do list and I wasn’t procrastinating I was taking aciton now and I love the momentum I was creating I love how I look like a boxer an athlete.

I h

Reasons I want to loose weight

I want to feel comfortable in chairs

To be clothes that aren’t plus size would be less and epensive and i would have more options.

To be healthy lower my risk of heart attack diabetes dr’s recommend I loose weight to avoid complications.

I desires fit just to have that feeling of lean of power and control of my body to know that I am making the most of it.

I enjoy being active I like exercise and I am more effective when I am fit. better at sports and dance.

It is a goal that I have had for so long that it will feel so great like I am set with an unshakable confidence and self reliance once I make it

So essentially I want to loose weight out of self love

It feels good to eat a proper amount to feel light and not over stuffed

It feels good to feel like I have strength and stamina

it feels great to look in the mirror and know really know thati have done my best to be the sexiest I can be

To go indoor skydiving they have a weight restriciton

To be carried the feeling of sense of protection

Excited to have a legit reason to buy new clothes because the ones I have are too big

The sense of pride and accomplishment in myself and others who will be proud for me and inspired

I feel like I am listening to my body and respecting what she wants

I have all these new thoughts about myself and I want it to show in my body to be an honest reflection about how I feel about myself without baggage

Because taking care of myself is some thing I love to do

I have done yoga fairly consistently over the past year and I have to say I feel like I can star now with where i am love who I am and go forward find my edge there are 8 limbs of yoga and well healthy eating is one of them.

Creating a burning desire for this and being emersed in it is what I love i love being passionate and to have a project to work on like this

I have been eating very well all this week. I feel full with smaller portions, I have refused sugar and junk that was offered to me. It is great to get out of this victim mentally. I am in charge here I make decisions.

I have realised that looking back at the past few years where I wasn’t putting eating right as a priority how I gained weight. It was costing me a lot of money going out and getting my lunch at the bakery and pizza and sandwiches lots fo heavy food.

My body craves and needs vitamins and to be free of body clutter

here is a picture of me about 5-6 years ago when I was going to the gym regularly, keeping an fitness and gratitude journal recording my progress and learnings, where I had seen a personal trainer and was eating meals at certain times of the day. Look at that smile and energy. I can do this I can go back there and surpass it.

I have made up a few lists of reasons why I wanted to lose weight before and the reasons seem to be to try to fit a mould to please others or rather to meet their expectations as I felt I was falling short. Now I feel like I have my own reasons they feel right to me.

I lifted weights again today. 45 reps 3 times a week is my objectives. I am all dumbbells and salads aahha


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