Stress busters

Sometimes I don’t feel like being an adult I just want to curl up and rest. So sometimes makes small changes in my bad to include some of theses will make the day go better small acts of love.

This comic is well done. I noticed today I was feeling tension and stress and my usual is to do something physical to counter balance it. But today I started noticing the thoughts I had. Thoughts create feelings and sensations as well. So when I put a face and a voice the anxiety and distance my self from it. I started telling myself its ok to relax it will be all over tomorrow I will feel better and get new ideas in the moring. I can do this I will put my game face on. I believe in myself.

I also skipped a couple errands to rest, take a shower, watch a movie, read a short yet funny book, TRE. Listen to music and play the dog at work, make plans and write to a friend.

I still stuck to the plan and went to art class where I notice I was getting angry at the drawing as it wasn’t looking how I wanted it too but in the end it still looked pretty good.

Most of the time there is nothing to fear ignore that cave man instinct best just to go out and try new things and things will get better.



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