360 feedback -Today is my name day

360 feedback

I’ve worked with Ysabelle for, I think, a few years now. From day one Ysabelle has been tremendously engaged. She never hesitates to contact me, or other library staff members, to work through questions or concerns she has about the service. I’ve found that people can sometimes be reluctant to ask questions but Ysabelle puts a premium on communication. It’s tremendously helpful for us in the library as we learn about what we need to do a better job of and it helps us understand the kinds of questions clients are asking. She is one of the Helpliners that I feel is the most dedicated to serving clients because she is one. Working at such a remove from our clients can be very challenging sometimes so it’s nice to work WITH one! She is a tireless advocate for her/their needs. All of this of course shines through in the online chats we have. She always participates and doesn’t shy away from leading the discussion or offering up her perspective and suggestions. And of course she has a tremendous sense of humor! A true asset to the Helpline team.

Ysabelle manages inquiries for all queues and accesses the majority of our technical systems to assist callers. Ysabelle excels in Library Services calls as that is where she’s had the most expereince.

Ysabelle provides correct and timely information to callers.

Ysabelle completes tasks assigned to her in a timely manner Based on call quality monitoring she is meeting our expectations for accuracy and quality.

Ysabelle does a good job at ensuring that the needs of our callers are met which results in little to no escalations. She is very resourceful, using what’s availble to her and draes on her personal experiences to find a satisfying resolution for clients. Ysabelle can be counted on to present items that could enhance the client experience or the experience of her peers. She asks questions when she doesn’t understand a process or procedure for clarity. Ysabelle has struggled in the past with how she comes across on the phone, she’s been very good at receiving the feedback and working towards correcting this area of her performance. Feedback has been provided to Ysabelle about writing her intent more clearly in emails so there is no room for interpretation.   Ysabelle has built good peer relationships with members of the team not located in her office. She is always willing to provide support and guidance to peers when needed.

Ysabelle was one of the few members of the team who agreed to adjust her work schedule, not only in hours but in days as well. Ysabelle will share tips, tricks and articles with her peers in an effort to assist with handling client inquiries.

Ysabelle is a consistant performer, she’s always keen to learn more and contribute more. There has been attention given to Ysabelle’s call quality over the years and this is something that I would like to continue into the new calendar year.


I have only been working with Ysabelle regarding Shop CNIB matters for a short while, but she seems to have picked up quickly on the various processes and information I have provided her in regards to dealing with customer issues.

Ysabelle has an amazing presence on the phones. She is also very knowledgeable on both the Vsmart and RE systems. Always a pleasure to speak with and she is a dedicated and hard working member of our team.

Ysabelle brings a voice to the team in regards to things that may need improving. She contributes to meetings and library chats and she is a critical thinker. Some callers have reported her to be a bit on the impatient side- she rushed them more than they felt was polite.

Ysabelle could work a little towards not getting angry over difficult calls so easily; furthermore, I find that Ysabelle tries to be overly humourous with clients sometimes and ends up confusing them with her jokes she makes while trying to build rapport with them. While building rapport with clients is important, one needs to recognize which clients can be joked with and which ones do not appreciate it.




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