Sleep it will be better in the morning

Past few days I have been feeling icky and I slip into over eating. Today I decided to not act on the craving. Today I finished reading weight loss forever, today I went for a bike ride and yoga today I played a party later this week where I can cook together with friends. Last week I lifted weights twice this week it was 3 times and I am proud of that and will start another 3 tomorrow. and the week after 4.

I bought myself some chocolate rooibos and pms tea. I enjoyed having people over last night for games. And on Friday I had free tickets to the Lemon Bucket Orchestra. It was so much fun we ran up on stage and started dancing. Friday I also pushed back a strong craving by buying and chewing a pack of gum instead of buy stuff at the canteen.

When I feel tense I notice my mind is also tight limiting my rang of motions in my thoughts and I relax my mind is more flexible and can think of better options. New choices good choices productive choices.

when I am tense my critical mind is usually active and my mood is low.


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