Just put in 5 mins

A friend of mine gave me that advice last week. I was feeling overwhelmed about applying for a job. She said just start do 5 mins tonight. So I did and got it in on time. Saying I will do something is easy but following through is rewarding.

I got invited to a naughty or nice party it scared me a bit I wasn’t too sure what to expect. I decided to go after I applied for the job. It was fine it was nice to see so many people new and old and just try something new.

Today I decided to up my Sam-E dose I have been feeling sad lately I let myself cry. Tomorrow I will go get an assessment done. Tonight I made plans as I usually go out on Monday night for dance and there is no class tonight so thought I would go out and see someone who wanted to see me last week and catch up.

Here now I am just told myself to start give it 5 minutes. And here I have a blog post. I haven’t posted in 5 days.

What else have I done for myself this week I wonder. I went to a free yoga class on campus last Tuesday I had the same attitude I want to do something a bit different. I wasn’t a student but I went anyways. It was nice I learned something new about one of the pose I get more balance if my feet are straight in a lunge.

I called a friend yesterday and cleaned up my apartment. I find it helps to talk while I clean for some reason it’s motivating kind of like listening to music at work can lift my mood up.

I also ignored a pessimist voice this week. I noticed that I text more then I call. I didn’t want to call because I thought oh it will be bad news. I just ignored that called and the news was better then I thought the person was accommodating was hearing meĀ  out and was trying to meet my needs. So that felt pretty great.

Here are some questions that will deepen connection






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