A look back at the past month

Well it’s been a while since I have checked in

In January I tried some Tai Chi I had fun. The instructor and a couple students wer playful and we cracked jokes. It was a nice surprise I was expecting a lot of seniors but it was mostly guys my age.  I loved to feel connected and I felt like myself and building a nice report with a really cute and intersting person. Part of me wanted to stay just to be able to hang out with him and there is a bigger part of me that wants me to take my health and fitness as a priority. Initially when I joined I figured I would be gentle on myself this winter and make things easy so I am more likely to do them. I have been exercising everyday I missed a day but ya over all it’s good.

Lately we have been have pretty mild weather and winter isn’t as hard as I was expecting. I feel more energized to take action. Tai Chi is more expensive then a gym membership and I am not really getting a hard cardio workout in that I would like. I was able to be confident and walk away. If this guy wants to get to know me he now has a way to contact me and I made it clear I am interested. It’s a balance of masculine feminine taking action and surrendering of putting myself in a possition where things could occure. All I can do is make things more likely to occur in my favor instead of making them happen.

I started really paying attention to what I eat and have been logging it. I am setting myself up for weight loss and muscle building. I contacted a few people for personal training and I will see what is the best plan that will work for me. So far I am thinking I will join the gym downtown so I can workout 30 mins on my lunch and after work as well. It is less expensive then Yoga which I had been doing and have not been seeing results.

I took my first day off this week I was feeling frazzled and needed to relax. Life cannot be all work. I had the chance to make a scultpute I am really pleased and got a few compliments on it. I was told its looks like that it’s an insetting piece that I could do it professionally.

In Tai Chi I noticed that being patient is helpful in learning that is not to rush to practice at the level you are at instead of trying to rush to keep up. The teacher called it faking when I am following the movements of others instead of knowing the process myself independently and initiating it on my own with out prompts.


Last weekend I got to go snowshoeing for the first time the scenery was beautiful and I was impressed that I didn’t even fall. I was a bit scared to try.

During the holidays I found a free online coursera course on positive psychology focusing on positive emotions. And I have now started a 2nd more in depth course on Happiness. I learned that positive emotions are more fleeting but occur more often. Making time for event where I am likely to have fun. That positive emotions are found when I am in the moment and present in the moment and are contagious when I am with others (positive resonance).

In the course I am taking now they talk about things that suck out happiness and habbies to counter act them. Like making choices that prioritize happiness. I learned about the importance of generosity being a kind person and doing altruistic things to give love to others instead of taking. Expressing gratitude for others and self builds good relations it lessens that desire we have to be the best to chase superiority.  Taking control of my health and fitness for myself gives me a sense of routine and lessens the need for me to control others and outcomes.


I am happy I took time to check in. Yesterday I was happy to have the night off. I have been adding more and more things on my to do list and I was feeling rushed and greedy for more and more. I tried belly dance I liked it but the timing of it doesn’t work for me. I want a night to myself to relax to clearn up and restore. I want to nip restleness in the bud. So I am ok with that of not going.  A hip hop class is starting tonight and every thursday for a few weeks and it’s free. So that’a pretty great news.

In other news this time next week I will be going to moncton for work for a team building day I am looking forward to that. And later that night I can look forward to a ballroom dance workshop then hip hop. So that is going well.

There is dodge ball on Tuesday nights now too so i think that will be fun to check out meet some new people and get some exercise. And its just 10$ for the season. I have been going to trivia I find it’s more fun when there are a lot of people.

Swing dance has been going well lots of new people. I have been told I am light on my feet and when a few of us did the doing the jive routine they all clapped haha i wasn’t expecting that. I went to a event where we where there where swing dancers and ballroom dancers it was lovely to see people dance ballroom. In a few weeks there will be a blues workshop hosted here so I am looking forward to that.

At the start of the year I met with a yoga teacher who is doing a 365 day photo project here is the pictures she took and she said “To start of the project we had Ysabelle confident and cool she took me through her beautiful practice

I was inspired by the karma kitchen its pretty good people pay for other people to go eat and its run by volunteers I love to see acts of generosity like this. I like to be around good people. I feel all warm and fuzzy when I hear about things like that I can want to be like that too.



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