Generating energy

Well I am 10 pounds lighter then a month ago that’s great progress. I believe it’s possible I have the power strength and discipline to make it happen. Since the start of February I have been logging my food really paying attention to what I eat and it’s working. All those years spent focusing on exercise when it’s only 20 percent help in weight loss food is 80 percent so ya go parado principal. Food is fuel and I am eating to preform. I found some inspiration for meal prep and eating meals that are around the 300 calorie mark there are all kinds of things like cauliflower pizza who knew I find ways to make it interesting. I found some tools to measure like my hand and a ramekin. It does feel loving to eat healthy to be eating things that are good for me like every meal is a reminder that I love myself that I can make great choices. I feel energized when I find new ways and strategies that will help like mixing steel cut oats with protein power and chia seeds to make it thicker and tastier for example. Today I was making protabello burgers and I portioned up the rice and put my little meals together for the next couple days it just felt great like wow this is easy I can keep doing this.

I did a two week trail with a home-based weight loss business and now I have one with  good life. I have been going to the gym and yoga over my lunch break. I have been reading a book called choosing happiness it’s a good book. I am thinking getting an mp3 player with a radio music will make the gym more fun.

Last weekend I attended a blues dance workshop it was so much fun. I love the music it was great to express myself I have more freedom to move and feel I the music a few people told me I was good at it which is nice to hear as long as we are all having fun. The first time our swing dance group brought instructors in from out of town it will happen again in April.

The weekend before I went to a my friend birthday party it was lots of fun I got along well with his friends I stayed for an after party and we met up for brunch the next day. Seems like they meet up for breakfast every Saturday.

A friend from out of town called me up and we met for supper itw was nice to catch up. Another friend of mine met up for me to do yoga. I

This week I went to trivia and I met my friends roommate and that was lovely as well.

Tomorrow I am taking the day off to go to Halifax for a swing dance workshop hosted by people I have seen and loved on YouTube. I have a drive there and a place to stay it’s all coming together.

A few weeks ago I went on a road trip for work to do some team building it was fun. I won some challenges for my team they told me I was smart and creative. Then I tried my hand at a jive and foxtrot lesson witch was pretty easy to learn I learned it as a lead as there wasn’t enough follows and well now it’s easier to explain to people when you know how to lead the dance. I ran into some friends that night and I went to try the free hip hop class which was a lot more challenging but the people were friendly and I had a laugh they are doing a review class tonight and there is also improv!!! here in Fredericton wow it’s been so long I am excited to check it out.

This morning I took a half a day off because of the weather. I cleaned up, cooked and meditated.

I got a phone interview for a broadcast presenter job in Halifax it went pretty well. I am waiting to here if I move on to an in-person interview soon. I feel like moving would be a good experience for me to make new contacts try new things its a bigger city so it’s more exciting. Going out on my own seems like a brave thing to do. I might love it it might be a flop but I will never know unless I try. I am glad I applied. I feel a lot of excitement with this a new curious and fearless energy.

I watch a movie called the abundance factor last week and what stuck with me is the question what would you tell your younger self and so many people said to relax trust that things are going to workout you will be fine. It’s true in retrospect so many things we spend worrying about are unnecessary.

I remember not that long ago how scared I was about moving but now it doesn’t worry me I feel like I can make the jump without falling.

When I went to pay my tai chi membership for last month the instructors gave me a present it was on the Chinese new year and it is tradition to pay off your debts and its custom to give a bit of money so you wont be broke in the new year. I got a fortune that said: “pay attention to your feelings”

I finished the happiness course.

happiness habits





prioritizing happiness schedule fun things that get you in flow state something you can build mastery

gratitude express it feel it share it

generosity giving contributing volunteering random acts of kindness altrusitc pranks and surprises

compassion for self and others

trust others and the universe is a safe place

re-framing ‘negative’ events

taking personal responsibility

open minded try new things learn to be uncomfortable for a bit give things a chance

equanimity non-judgmental attitude 3 good things with a twist

eating sleeping right and exercise

mindfulness mediation  presence accepting

relaxed body clear mind open heart in tuned senses radiating love

recognizing the source with in

spend time with people who do what you want to do

set up your environment to facilitate the habits you want to instill for success

mentor someone so you can see your progress and give back

forgiveness homework

recall the incident how you felt how it hurt then reread it then think about it from their point of view why would they act that way. you did what you thought best at the time i forgive you.


I love this image it’s so beautiful, expressive and deep kind like the heart and mind are breaking open and she savours the sense of relief and freedom it brings. In shambhala texts they talk about breaking out of the cocoon and to feel the tender side the vulnerability breaking away from the patterns of hardness that distances ourselves from others.

The C-Word


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