Why is self-love important?


it’s needed to truly love others and be loved by others

it feels good to feel it for it’s own sake it’s liberating

the key to happiness

It keeps a person in check, without self love self sabotage, self destruction and addition surface. It is hard to be useful to yourself and others. Everyone has a purpose and we need to believe that we are great and blessed enough to make it into a reality.

Self love is needed for honesty and integrity. It’s uncomfortable for me when I see others sacrifice and then later resent me for it because they didn’t know how to take care of themselves. Without self love others  can become the enemy the people that drain you. Without self love health suffers.

I was given a body a mind a being and it’s my job to appreciate it to see the value.

what is self love

taking actions to encourage physical psychological, spiritual, emotional, intellectual health

it’s speaking up for needs wants

setting boundaries

having fun

taking time to relax to do something interesting nourishing

giving love and attention to me

I deserve to love me

I am to the only person that can be me

everyone has flaws who cares

moving on to the task at hand is the important thing

you are not an opinion of someone who doesn’t know you


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