The expension I feel when I Breake the Habit of being myself

Yesterday I went out to a talk called Be Your Own Boss Girls Edition

I like to hear confident people speak they have that go-getter mindset which is the opposite of the defeatist attitude my province is known for. It’s a powerful motivating energy that inspires me to action. I can do it too.

They said things like

It’s fine that others are 1st learn from them keep going There is room everyone.

I like to fix problems I will figure it out

I’ll just know when it’s right

the important thing is break through the obstacle and keep moving forward

I have a solid answer to why do people want to work with me?

who do I want to work with?

If I can get people to trust me enough to share their personal stories that’s how I strive to be a good journalist to get results

Be bold

I am a dedicated leader that is committed to solving problems one issue at a time

Figure out what you do well and put it out there know who you are helping think about your personal brand your reputation be professional.

I then went to a photo meet up group I had a few friends who are photographers and models there was also make up artists there. Some one took a picture of me who ask me to write one good thing that happened today it was interesting listening to people’s stories. I felt like a journalist. I found it a fun and welcoming atmosphere.  I am glad I went out and tried something new I met some new people. I love the poise and dignity in posture my friends have after having had be photographed for a few projects. I liked sharing my idea of taking pictures of the moment of courage right before your about to do something brave.

I was able to help a client yesterday at work I learned some new skills. I am glad it worked out I love that feeling of expansion. I have been scared before that I wasn’t able to do it but once I did it it was easier then I thought.

I received the sculpture i made back in February it was fired and turned out well it’s nice and white. I thought about how I have changed since then losing 13 pounds in 6 weeks, tracking my food everyday, applied for a job and did 2 interviews and submitted videos of myself and learned how to shrink and rotate videos. I felt good after learning new things my friends where able to point me to the right resource. This week I tried leading I think I will continue to learn to lead. Leaning new skills is good also learning to postures makes sense to help change habits creating new neural pathways.


Today I booked a massage after work and I will go to yoga at lunch. During my break this morning I went out to buy some protein powder for the office so I wont be stuck if I forget my lunch I have a bag of oats I can mix it with.





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