Cultivating Feminine Power

I am a woman what does that mean when I was young I never thought of myself to be a girly girl. I grew up in the 90s where the sentiment seemed to be girls can do it too. That we are equal to me infact it seemed cool to be a tom boy. In university I learned about patriarchy and feminism. I see that being a feminine woman is more powerful then acting masculine. I love yoga and to dance and art and creation. I love harmony and order and reciveing I love to move and connect and be seen and vibrarnt I love to laugh and be spontaneous. I love to see things grow nature slow movement I love feeling my body more then being in my head. I love being cheerished and protected. I am interested in womanhood in emboding a queen like energy. To be greatful to recieve help and be comfortable with that, knowing that that is giving as others feel needed helpful useful. I love to nurture and encourage to be light and free I love to help dreams ancom true to manifest them. I can just be and that is enough I can feel and touch taste and experience. I exist I take up space I have value without doing.

Model connect evolve


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