-15 pounds lighter woohoo

I have been going to bed a half hour earlier then usual that’s my self care it feels great to wake up before my alarm and have time to breath and just be in the morning.

I have been listening to a 21 day mediation weight loss series called Shedding the Weight. I like the reflection questions.

So yesterday I went to a hot yoga class and it was like 42 degrees and there was a fair amount of people in the room suffice to say it was hotter then usual and I forgot my top that I usually wear so i went in there with a sweater. Well it didn’t take long for me to take that off. It was a bit odd at first i was like I can’t do that strip why not I thought I have a bra one who cares. It’s the self loving thing to do. I noticed later in the class another girl did the same thing.

Last week I asked some friends if they wanted to attend a mediation pot luck with me we had lots of fun the discussion was great nice sense of community new people to me I loved it now my friend wants to go again tonight. I noticed I had more body sensations then thoughts in my mediation. It was about trying to get comfortable just being still. I felt like I wanted to move a lot more.

Here is a video of me dancing at the last workshop I took. There will be lots of dancing this weekend I am hosting a friend from out of town. It should be a good time. Monday is our last dance class for a while. But On Tuesday evening there is an indoor learn to row session. The coordinator seems nice she says we can do make up sessions if I have some scheduling conflicts and that are happy to welcome me in their crew that’s nice. Rowing is a full body exercise that is strength training and seems more fun then lighting weights. It combines trying new things, exercising and socializing all at once as well as being on a team which is a nice feeling. I can still go to boxing on Sundays and the shambhala course at the end of april early may. hmm floating on the water sounds great. I feel it’s wise to get used to the movement on land before getting in the water.



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