Maitri: Practices for Developing Loving-Kindness for Oneself

This weekend I did a maitri space awareness workshop

the purpose was to get to know my self and my energy patterns

I could have gone blues dancing but I felt like I needed some more introspection. I thought about busy weekends away can be so I listened to my intuition and stayed to do the meditation workshop. I now get to do the follow up for 5 weeks in May as well and I love the discussions and insights.

There was a lot like I can embody and relax into any quality. I can feel the energy it is a lot faster to detect then words. On the first night one of the presenters said this is about loving yourself about spending time getting to know yourself and how you react to things. And I felt I had made the right choice in coming. I was concerned about getting accommodated and they where very responsive to me. In the workshop they used colors and I told the instructor I am color blind and he thought it was interesting and took it on as a challenge . I felt very welcomed by that a shift took place in how I was feeling.

I learned I am pretty good at creating affirmations for myself and others. I got some good advice during our outing of people are basically simple they all want to be heard. Respect is about being certain of the right thing to do in that moment and making a contribution. I do not have to complicate things by thinking of alternatives and exceptions. The general rules still apply people are fundamentally human despite all they differences and preferences.

Some qualities we focused on where

magnificent confidence generosity dignity radiance playing small does not serve others decided to be great be here be you show yourself grounding abundance

connection playfulness intuitive wisdom  relationship beauty feeling from the heart felt communication intimacy art love imagination

clarity seeing the truth in a situation let go of control go with the flow get the right perspective calm simple order

taking joyful action despite of obstacles one thing at a time its simple just do it untangle the mess and move forward clear objective effortless flow in synch perfect timing harmony celebrating the process not just the result positive practical ease of power

making room for space silence openness embracing and accepting impermanience luminous





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