Tracking progress getting lighter

Today I filled out my 1st workout card at the gym. I started filling it out a week after a joined the gym April 11th. It’s fun to see results I am tangibly stronger. I like to see results. It’s very encouraging. I was feeling hesitant thinking it wouldn’t work but the numbers don’t lie. I am glad I did it and I am excited to fill out another card. Apparently I can get entered in for a prize.

I decided to be more open minded and go on a spontaneous date on Thursday well the fellow has been texting me everyday since he insisted on seeing me today so we went boxing together. I like to be friends first and go slow. Boxing felt great it had been a while since I have gone.

I enjoy the new project at work of booking appointments for a face to face survey I like that I can control the pace in which I work and I do not get interrupted. I also feel like i just made a sale when they agree. I am looking forward to doing more of that tomorrow.

I am all about letting go lately especially things that will give me more time to myself to rest and relax. I can live a life that is more simple and less busy. i have done the over committed thing for years why not slow things down. I can let go of people who aren’t really investing in me and make space for new people that are more and more compatible . I have made another new friend recently as well and we chat about interesting things. It’s nice. I have decided to invite some people to play board games tomorrow. I had fun on Friday I played a new board game called spy alley and we had some hardy laughs. It put me in the mood to play more.

I feel good on my own. I like being alone. I am back on track with my weight loss I stopped logging for a few days which turned into about two weeks where it went up a pound and now I am down to 2 so yay. It is more rewarding focusing on that then on what others think. I feel so much more in control. I have been even getting up earlier and making my bed this week just because I like to have some time in the morning and a peaceful tidy room when I come home.

I started the maitri follow up class last week and I found it light. We were laughing and curious. I remember not that long ago I was feeling exhausted and uncomfortable and having this urge to learn that was harsh now its like I remember to enjoy and be playful. On Wednesday I decided to meet up with a friend for lunch at an art gallery  where I saw a painting which has this airy lightness to it. I like it.

we went to to the mediation center afterwards.  We had some laughs and some interesting discussion. I got a better idea what the heart of sadness is kind of like that bitter sweet feeling of I like this but its also sad that it’s not going to last forever. So it’s like we are constantly holding little funerals for the joyful moments in our lives. Feeling the impermanence of life

After the center I got to check out my friends new apartment and play with her cat and ukele we sang together for a bit it was nice to share stories and connect.

I connected with nature on my date he took me for a drive to grand lake it was really beautiful. I want to go again and take pictures. I liked how the scenery is so simple and stunning. I want to paint it somehow capture it.

Earlier this month I made some more art. I took the day off and just did what I wanted to do.

I went for an eye exam so I can get some new dark sunglasses. I am excited to see how they will turn out. I find that loving to myself. Especially since the days can get very bright in the summer. Maitri prompted me when I tried the red lens I felt so free and open and happy I could go outside on a bright day and it was enjoyable. The glasses I have been wearing lately aren’t very dark at all and I have just been making due.

I started duolingo app again so I can see some progress in learning Spanish.


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