Quality time

A while back I tried Yoga Nidra class which is a cross between yin and mediation it’s kind of like a nap with deep breathing letting go and just receiving comfort. A restful awareness relaxation.

Apparently 30 mins of yoga nidra equals 3-4 hours of deep sleep. Yesterday I tried it on my own over my lunch break it was a great help. I felt rested and had more energy. I need some time everyday without humans. Just to be. Quality time where I am happy and relaxed and just enjoying myself no rush or no expectation no demands.

I had a massage after work as well which was nice and a nice bath after my meditation course. I chatted with a new friend we seem to be getting along quite smoothly which is fun how connections can develop so fast.

I find it easier to focus on one on one connections. Society can be how it wants if I focus on my little world of one on one inter-actions I find it a lot easier to manage. I can’t change society but I can choose who I spend time with and that little group is my community. I guess it’s in the same idea as charity starts at home. I am not sure if I can change society but I can change myself




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