Don’t be a drag just be a Queen

Ultimately it’s about the actions I take what I choose to do.I choose to have an adventure this weekend, to trust that things will go well and to try something. I went to a burlesque workshop through a ride share and stayed at a new friends place who invited me to a party at an old friends place I haven’t seen in years it was a nice time. I enjoy the wonder and curiosity travel brings. I like being shown a good time by a host to let myself be lead and see what surprises await.

Last weekend I spontaneously bought myself a ukulele I have learned a few chords on there already and learning a song I had in mind seems very much possible now. Just one action that leads to another I thought why not I enjoyed playing with one at my friend’s house. I have done well at the weight lifting at the gym why not reward myself. It’s nice to have a little fun. I had a couple friends from out of town pay me a visit it was nice to reconnect with them. I was had the chance to try an escape room for the first time which was really neat team building exercise. It was certainly nice being treated to it and having another friend make me dinner.

It prompted me to think what I am doing on my own for my quest for awesome? How am I steering my life in a constructive direction where I am making something of myself?

This weekend I spend some time with a woman who danced burlesque for 10 years and re-invented herself with an art. I was reminded to be poised and confident and just make it happen just do it. I like the idea of holding someone captive with your beauty to just be happy and enjoying my body now seems liberating. I like the idea an ordinary girl making herself to be a star. Just decide now to have star power own it. This post card is to remind myself to shine and carry myself with confidence now. While I was practicing the moves I was thought I would glance at myself in the mirror and think wow you’ve got it you’re doing it. It’s not this big complicated thing. I can stand to challenge myself and reprogram them give them an upgrade with more positive software that will make things a lot smoother. 

She is just some girl name Karen who one day thought more of herself and literally made a name for herself.

Sometimes you just have to spend time with yourself away from the noise and just walk and listen what your inner wisdom has to share. I am half way done the mediation maitri space awareness course. I am excited for Tuesday.

I like the idea of a mental diet a 7 day challenge. One of my friends who visited me is very optimistic in her mindset she has a great career and has forged a path for herself I know a few more people like that actually and it inspires me. I was

Sometimes when I feel down I feel like I am not myself I feel like I am off center but I am not sure how to clear the fog and confusion and start thinking clearly. Well I had a thought of writing a note to myself  while I am feeling good for when I feel down so I can read it and get some advice from myself.




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