Happy 1 year blogaversary

This weekend I went to brunch with a new friend to the cultural market it was a pleasant way to spend the morning. Later I tried some chair yoga for the 1st time and went for a bike ride. I enjoyed the breeze on my skin. Today I expressed how I felt just for its own sake, to say hey what happen there was not ok with me. Just to say it was more for me standing up for myself.

I read an article this week that said: “Passive aggressiveness is an attempt to regain power and relieve the tension created by that gap between anger and silence. People complain to each other. They withdraw, use sarcasm, and resist the person in quiet, insidiously defensible ways.”

Last night I was chatting with a friend who said :”I find you are so talented as I get to know you, I’m very impressed by your drawings, and more, I admire how kind you are and I feel you light up the whole room whenever there’s you! my bf and I were talking about how much we enjoyed your company every time! We like your humour!

what a nice thing to hear

There was a video I watch this week that said : you know a relationship is over if you have to convince the other of your value. People like recognition and appreciation it builds a connection.

you what i love is when a cashier points out that there is a product on sale and goes and replaces it for the one I brought to her how cute is that like they are looking out for me.  I love that it’s so thoughtful

I read a book this week on EGO that was saying people talk a lot but the important thing is to face the void, what is uncomfortable and just do the actions without worry for recognition. Make yourself useful to other pay your dues and be humble. At the end of the day its in the actions you take that dictate the life you make.

The other day I asked myself what would I say to my younger self. Here is what I came up with

Relax you are a beautiful feminine queen able to receive

you have a graceful leadership

Take time to rest and just be to love yourself

You can do it you can slow down and just complete the task at hand

Worry about impressing yourself instead of others

It’s the choices you make and action you take that create your reality you are in charge

Not everyone is going to like you there is not point in convince people of your worth

If it hurts stop

Ask it builds confidence so does relaxing to create a calm and serine mind

Take time to feel to cry to let the anger dissipate

If they don’t want to let go

Whatever you want from others you can give to yourself

act now

you are more beautiful then you think

reflect on your achievements

progress is motivating to keep track

express gratitude express how you feel in the moment as much as possible


I went swimming today and I am going buy myself a pool membership and some frozen grapes for the hot summer days to come

This summer I am going to keep it cool





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