I can always experiene and give love when my beloved is myself.


On the idea of being a good partner

You have to do things that you may not want to do to make your partner happy. If I am my own partner then I really need to take loving actions.

How I feel and what I do are two different thing

So my body is crying for attention. I will take it swimming on a daily this summer. I will give it the freedom to be herself. She can move how she wants in the water she can feel loved and supported. Last year I did a daily yoga practice this year I choose the water.

I contacted my insurance to see if they can connect me to a nutritionist/dietian so I can see what is covered with that, get some advice and move on from there before going to another that I would have to pay for.

I can take time in the water to clear my thoughts.

Like this guy says I am the sky I am not my depression, depression is just the clouds passing through the sky. I have to be careful of that I stick too. Things I collect labels names ideas I identify with are not really me they just hang on me and sometimes i look in the mirror and look where am I?

All these things are in the way like the doubts of I am not good enough. Like the sadness that I feel when someone does not recognize my value. Just passing clouds.

Instead of the sky, I think I am a canvas and there is a lot of paint. I can whip it away. I can create something new.

Today I took a vacation day. Tonight I will go to the mediation center.

To be a good partner requires discipline, to do things for your beloved that you may not feel like doing as well as doing things that you want to do.

To be a good partner is to do many trustworthy and comforting actions. My beloved now is myself.







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