Breaking down obstacles

Despite my friend canceling the plan I went to the meditation center keeping the plan I have made to myself. I love discussion and it was a good one. We talked about inherent dignity the basic goodness in oneself that can make a valuable offering to the world. Confidence to contribute. We also talked about how a peaceful and happy person can be helpful just by being there. We can often be angry or anxieous and focused on the outcome when trying to help someone. The mind is subtitle and careful attention is needed to notice what is actually going on and what the right thing to do is. There is a lot of hidden aggression in us that we can deal with first – I suspect  we wouldn’t feel drained when trying to help other people when we.

For every minute you are angry you loose 60 seconds of happiness

Breaking down obstacles to goals when I wrote to the nutritionist I realized that I was discouraged and didn’t know really sure if I could trust if it will work for me. I find it more motivating to follow a plan I can trust so I will train like an athlete and transform my body sounds way more exciting then just trying to lose weight.I think slowing down and being more mindful will help in my goal here as well.

I can do this I can accomplish a goals I have accomplished goals before. I am persistent, determined, when I loose faith in the dream I will rebuild it.

Getting a clear perspective will dissolve a many issues.






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