Owning my part

The past is behind me I don’t need to bring it with me. I heard something this weekend about letting go that I thought was just brilliant is to own my part. It is so easy to go into victim mode and get wrapped up in your story to blame and talk about what the other did to hurt you over and over. The fact is no matter how big or small I contributed somehow to the problem and once I can identify what that is it is much easier to let go. For the most part it’s the moments where I didn’t listen to my intuition I just ignore it thinking it wasn’t important, like the relationships or the jobs where I stayed in too long trying to make it work when I knew it wasn’t a match from the start I just wanted to see how far it would go it was just for now. It’s easy to learn from things that aren’t that important. Sometimes our humanness we repeat the same mistakes over and over. Since I know better does not equal do better. When we are in pain we become self-centered. To make peace with your past you need to own your piece of your past. Take time reflect, rethink it and release it.

be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind

Taking steps is easy standing still is hard and you’ve got time






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