It’s important in relationships to be honest and to make sober decisions. To really take a look at an issue without blame. I can face things head on as they arise I do not need to procrastinate and hide from my problems. It is better to resolves issues as soon as possible. So for example for the past two months I haven’t stalling on my weight loss. I may some attempts but I need and want to get into full gear like I was and really do my best here. So I weighed myself and wrote it down and I am also writing down what I am eating in a log. I will be reading some oa books and podcasts. And I will go exercise every day. My body needs to move and I can grant myself that gift. Relationships need time, care and attention and I can do that for myself. I can have heart to hearts and call myself out on my own bs.

One thing about honesty is that it feels good to get it out in the open. It is not always bad either. There is a saying the truth will set you free but first it will make you damn mad ahha.

The time is now I have everything I need to reach my goal I will follow the steps and I trust that it will work. It has worked for others and I am not all that different so it will work for me. I lost weight before I can do it again. I just need to give it an earnest try. I am feeling hopeful again. Do my best and get the best. No more half-hearted tries commit and go all in  and this attempt will be successful.




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